Sorry it’s late…

I wish I had posted this in December, before the Xmas shopping spree – but I didn’t. My health kind of dictates how prolific my posts are – which is a shame because I may have missed the chance to influence you against a bad shopping decision. But maybe I can make up for it now.

Lots of the big stores – Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid etc – sell lovely sets of eye shadows, lotions, lipsticks, nail varnishes which all look wonderful and seem like perfect gift choices, especially given the price point, which is usually very low.

That should be your first warning sign. When something looks too good to be true, it usually is. Most of these gift sets are made in China – I have already posted about China and it’s relationship with cruelty free beauty, but suffice it to say that China has a horrendous record on animal cruelty in cosmetics.

So, before buying these sets, check the back and see where they were made. If it’s China, and there is no leaping bunny symbol, you should be take your business elsewhere.

And if you get given one of these sets, what do you do? My best advice is to break the news gently to the giver, after a little time has passed, that you only use cruelty free beauty products, and you heard or read that these products are surprisingly not cruelty free. Surprisingly, because not many people realize the reality behind beauty products and animal cruelty. Let the person know that you are telling them so that they are educated in the future – you are passing on what you just learned. You are assuming that the person would want to shop cruelty free if given the choice – if they do or not, you have sewn the seed and also let them know your own preferences.

So, go tell Aunt Mary that the 100 shimmering eye shadow collection she gave you for Christmas is actually made in China and is not cruelty free – it may be hard, but you will be doing Aunt Mary, yourself, and especially the animals, a great favor.