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Let me be your guide through the complicated world of cruelty free beauty and fragrance!

Hello, and thank you for visiting with me for a while!

I grew up with the phrase “you have to suffer to be beautiful”, but it wasn’t until my early twenties that I began to understand the real truth behind that statement. Turns out, most of the suffering is done by the animals that are routinely used as “testers” for our beauty products. ¬† Even when ingredients have been around for many years, new combinations are routinely tested; frequently on cats, rabbits and dogs.

I decided a long time ago that a good quality, natural product shouldn’t need to be squirted or scraped into a cat’s eyes to prove that it is safe for me to use, thanks all the same. So now I only buy “cruelty free” cosmetics – but it’s not always clear whether a product really meets the bench mark for cruelty free, and that confusion is rampant.

What I aim to do on this site is to help people understand when they might be buying a beauty product that has been tested on animals, or created in a way that induced animal suffering. I will advocate for alternative, cruelty free products that in most cases are far superior. I would love to hear about your own experiences, and if you have personal recommendations for cruelty free beauty products – especially fragrances and perfumes, many of which are tested on animals (can you imagine spraying perfume in your eyes? Horrible). You can contact me directly at: faith@ethical-face.com

My hope is that as people become aware of this issue they will start to shop more consciously. Let’s “vote with our feet” and avoid cruel brands – as consumers we have the opportunity to influence the market and ultimately eradicate unnecessary¬†cruelty in the beauty industry.

Important side note!

Please note, I am not vegetarian or vegan, and I have cancer for which I take chemotherapy drugs (that, no doubt, were tested on animals during their development). I’m not proud of that; but equally I will probably end up eventually on some trial of a new cancer drug myself, so I figure I will be doing my part then. I am in awe of people who don’t eat meat or animal products – I wish I could be one of them, but I’m afraid I don’t have the will power. I do eat organic wherever possible; I buy cage free eggs and chickens and support local farmers. But I just want to be clear that my passion for creating this site is to educate people about the cruelty in the beauty industry, and to help them to shop smarter – for the sake of the animals.

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Founder of Cruelty Free Beauty and Fragrance