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What’s the beagle rescue project, and how is it relevant here?

Well, from time to time I will publish blogs and links to organizations that I feel strongly about in relation to animal cruelty in cosmetics. There are currently about 70,000 dogs used in experimental labs each year in the US. Of these, the vast majority are beagles, because of their relatively small size and trusting and docile nature (they are bred specifically for the labs). Although a lot of the experiments are on household products or drugs, they are also used by some cosmetics companies.

I have never owned a beagle myself (although I have owned dogs and cats my whole life), but I do have a soft spot for them. In this post I want to draw attention to the Beagle Freedom Project, a US non-profit that works to educate people about the use of animals in experimentation (especially beagles), and has an innovative program where you can adopt or foster an animal currently in an experimental facility. They have had some success in getting a law passed in some states mandating that animals that are no longer of “experimental use” be re-homed, and you can contact your representatives through the site to encourage them to support the bill in your area.

The Beagle Freedom project also has a cruelty-free app (another reason I like them), that claims to have the most robust list of companies and products tested on animals.

Cruelty cutter app
Beagle Freedom Project cruelty free app

Please leave your comments on this topic below – did you contact your representative? Sponsor an animal? Start a fundraiser? I would love to hear what you think about this issue!



6 thoughts on “Beagle Rescue Project

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post. I love dogs and it pains me to think (I can’t even imagine about the suffering) of the animals, especially dogs, which may be used in experiments. This has got to stop and thank you for sharing the information about the NGO that is trying to rescue poor beagles. Can you support them even if we don’t live in the US?

    1. Hello Ayako!

      Thank you so much for commenting on my post. The Beagle Freedom Project is based in California – it doesn’t look like they have a way for people to donate on their website outside of the US, but I have sent them an email to see if there is another way. I will let you know!

  2. This is so sad it breaks my heart. Beagles are beautiful and loving, My best friend has a beagle and I have a hound (they look so much alike lol ) They have a personality like no other dog I have ever had. If they could only talk hahaha. If I can suggest one thing to you. You need some social media share buttons. I wanted to share your article on my facebook and I couldn’t find anywhere to do so.

    1. Thank you for your comment Laurieann – you are right, I need to get my social media channels up ASAP. I’m so glad that this is something you feel you want to share – that is my ultimate aim, since this is an issue that only a small fraction of people know about!

  3. Hello friend,
    This is very kind of yours to even think about how animals are used. I really like your attitude. I personally share with your view on this cruel usage of animals for the purpose of cosmetics. It very bad to do this to these seemingly innocent creatures.

    And the fact that about 70,000 dogs are used in USA for experimental purpose is so bad. They shouldn’t look at these Beagles calmness and take that for granted to start using them for a purpose that will harm them.

    Personally, though I don’t leave in US and also I don’t own a dog but I strongly feel for these dogs are how they are used. thank for this post.
    I know that anyone who has feelings for animals will help to promote this Beagle Freedom Project.

    1. Thank you for your comments Stephen! I’m glad that this issue is getting noticed outside the US – it is often assumed that the West is “advanced” in so many areas, but this is not one!

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