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Most big designer fragrance brands test on animals. Period. They also contain 80% to 94% alcohol, which is why the scents don’t last (and why they can make you sneeze and cause other allergic reactions). The commercial fragrance industry is MASSIVE – a massive rip-off! Sorry to be so blunt, but when you realize what goes into a $60 – $120 bottle of perfume (including the animal testing), that’s the only words for it.

Now, there are more and more cruelty free companies out there (which is a good thing) and many have their own fragrance lines. But what do you do if you just can’t identify with anything other than your signature scent – Opium, Chanel No 5, Jo Malone etc? For years I just went without – until I discovered the Nantucket Perfume Company in 2008. Owner and master perfumier John Harding has the olfactory equivalent of perfect pitch – he can recreate a fragrance just by smelling it. He then sets about making a “pure” version of the scent – using only essential and natural oils.

My own, small bottle of “Opium” has been with me since 2008. Admittedly I only wear it on special occasions; but it still smells as good as the day I bought it, and exactly like the original (only better). A small 0.25 oz bottle of pure perfume or cologne costs about $45 – but is the equivalent of 3, 4 oz sprays. That makes it easily the most cost effective way to buy your favorite perfume – not to mention that it also lasts much longer because the scent doesn’t evaporate like it does with store-bought versions.

John has a vast supply of fragrances available, including his own signature lines – and he even carries some perfumes that are no longer available commercially.

Nantucket Perfume Company

I would love to hear from you if you have discovered any other companies that make cruelty free versions of designer fragrances, or if you have tried this company yourself – please leave your comments below!

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