Skin care

Skin care is another huge industry – often conveniently packaged so that you buy three products at once (cleanser, toner, moisturizer). A lot of people have sensitive skin, so companies seem to have a good reason to test their products extensively. I am on chemotherapy myself and my skin is very sensitive to products; even those that were fine on my skin before I started having treatments. So I get that you want to be extra careful. But my philosophy is, if its made with only natural (organic) products, that have been used in skin care for years by a company that does not test on animals, I’ll give it a try. I might perform a patch test first before putting it on my face; but that’s probably just common sense that should apply to all products you try for the first time.

This page is broken down into basic skin care products (cleansers, toners, moisturizers etc), deodorants & antiperspirants, and sun screen.

This list will be updated regularly, and I would love for you to let me know of cruelty free makeup that you have tried and loved so that we can share the word. I believe that when most people find out that their beauty products are animal tested they will look elsewhere – if enough people do that we can convince the big brands to change their policies. Ever the optimist!

Oh, and I will rate products in terms of cost too:

  • $ = what you would expect to pay for a major brand found in most supermarkets
  • $$ = a little higher quality – possibly a salon brand that is not available everywhere
  • $$$ = designer, more expensive brand.

Basic skin care products


Deodorants & antiperspirants


Sun screen

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