The war of hotel bathroom beauty – who knew?

OK, I admit it. I am that person who takes home all the unused bathroom products from a hotel stay – not the towels you understand, but the “free” soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body lotions (actually 73% of travelers do the same thing, so I guess I won’t feel too guilty about it!) My justification is that they will be handy to take on a future trip – but of course, the “future trip” provides its own treasure chest of these lovely little take-aways, and my hoard just keeps growing.

Recently I was staying at a hotel in Arizona, and had occasion to use the free body lotion. It actually smelt really good, and did a good job of moisturizing my skin too. It used to be that bathroom freebies were really basic – kind of an after thought. But with the stiff competition in hotel bookings that now exists, hoteliers are now taking these amenities a LOT more seriously. In December 2015, an article in USA Today stated that a Comfort brand hotel can typically spend up to $13,000 per year on bathroom products; and that Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites looked at 20-30 different brands before deciding to start their own brand. Some high end hotels have even partnered with perfumers to create their own, signature scent for their products.

A few top chains and the verdict on their bathroom toiletries

  1. Hilton Hotels & Resorts uses PeterThomasRoth. This brand DOES test on animals!
  2. Joie de Vivre uses Lather. This brand does NOT test on animals.
  3. Fairmont uses Le Labo. This brand does NOT test on animals.
  4. Sheraton uses Shine by Bliss. Bliss DOES test on animals!

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